CEO’s Message

We founded the firm to become the best independent investment advisor serving institutional clients.  We will build a better research product, delivery model and level of service well beyond that of the traditional Sell Side.

Working at several broker/ dealers, both bulge bracket and boutique, we have experienced firsthand several problems with the traditional model: a lack of independence, trading introducing bias and pressure to drive transaction volume, individual franchise issues and most of most concern, a willingness to compromise integrity of information.

We have structured our firm to avoid these issues. We do not engage in investment banking activities. We do not have a trading desk and our model is not transaction-oriented.  This ensures the delivery of information will never be biased by a need to transact and removes any potential bias of knowing the clients’ position.

We place a high priority on meetings with companies around the world to build a broad mosaic of inputs and help anticipate inflections in trend.

Our team is structured internally to promote collaboration and a firm-wide call.  With many smart minds working together and challenging one another, we believe we can provide a more valuable service to our clients.